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Picture yourself being on track to develop the skills needed to succeed.  We empower individuals to take an active role in exploring their personal design, navigating their life experience, and exploring their interests, strengths, personality traits, and calling. 

Defining Point Consulting uses three top-rated assessments including the CliftonStrengths® Assessment, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, and the Strong Interest Inventory® to deliver the highest level of reliable results. Using these assessments paired with trained and professional coaching, individuals discover and develop who they are and what they naturally are best at while finding rich and fulfilling plans for their future. 



Defining Point Consulting offers assessment-based coaching for couples and families to be intentional with their goals and purpose. Collaboratively, couples and families will seek to fulfill their mission by:

  • defining their focus

  • establishing key foundations

  • creating forward momentum

Designed to guide couples and families through relationships with effectiveness and ease, Defining Point Consulting offers workshops to highlight trust, communication, and strategic application.



Defining Point Consulting uses coaching as well as training engagements focusing on team development, strategic growth, and sustainable results to build effective and efficient momentum.

We coach teams to achieve their performance outcomes. Included is coaching for executive leadership and/or individual team members, focusing on mindset and behaviors that drive responses for impact.

Using top-rated assessments, teams collectively discover convergence and strategic direction. Action steps are implemented to leverage strengths, personality, and professional goals.



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